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Supplements on Table

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Sometimes, we forget that we only run on water, air, and food. That’s it! Food drives every single system and when the body is properly supported, it can do wonders. There is no better support than wheatgrass juice and no one grows, juices and protects it like Dynamic Greens!

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Art’s Story

Vietnam Vet – Airborn Green Beret Special Forces 

My skin was a lackluster grey and I could only walk about 25 feet before I had to stop and rest. I went to the ER a couple of times to report numb limbs and heart attack signs and symptoms (not the Google definition but from the EMT training and ambulance crew experience I had).  The Hospital did some tests and ordered further evaluation. I went home.

My daughter recommended that I call a dear friend of hers who was a practitioner of Naturopathy. After a download conversation of lifestyle, diet, attitude and physical symptoms, we chose to collaborate.  But not until I promised to be a participating partner in this collaboration. I did.

He told me to get the most comprehensive blood testing I could get.  From these measurements we would determine the exact status of all the systems of my body. And then take action accordingly. After lengthy study and conversation (it’s nice to be part of the process) we found that I was lacking in nearly everything.  Many necessary components in my blood were severely depleted. My personal observation was I was nearly dead.  Somewhere between 15%-20% of what I should normally be.

Analyzing each deficiency we agreed on an herbal and vitamin/mineral supplement regimen that was followed precisely 3 times a day.  Along with a specific diet and exercise protocol. This immediate intervention “I believe saved my life. Awarded me this new vibrant life, I will remain grateful and aware of the contribution our Naturopath Practitioners bring to us.

Thank you Dr. Christopher and bless you for taking the time to learn to know. Sincerely, Arthur E. Myers, Age 74