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High-Quality Nutritional Supplements – 25% Off


Optimal Quality for the Highest Standards

The quality of your supplements and personal care products matter!

Dr. Daymaker provides his clients with the highest quality medical-grade nutritional supplements and personal care products at preferred rate. To claim these offers, read below.

Preferred Rate of 25% Off For All Dr.Daymaker Clients!

Emerson Ecologics is a respected resource for professional-grade nutritional supplements. It offers non-GMO supplements from hundreds of the world’s leading brands. Emerson is the premier source quality medical grade supplements. My clients get 25% off all Wellevate supplements. 

Preferred Rate of 25% Off For All Dr.Daymaker Clients!

Fullscript carries over 300+ professional-grade supplements brands. The dispensary has the most comprehensive catalog, integrating with EHRs, automating refill reminders, and offers evidence-based resources for all of my clients. Join now for 25% off all your needed supplements.

Preferred Rate of 25% Off For All Dr.Daymaker Clients!

Premier Research Labs (PRL) was founded to deliver uncompromising quality and effectiveness by providing 100% non-toxic and effective products. PRL has achieved an industry first in creating premier nutritional products based on quantum cellular resonance technology.

BIOHM Products For All Dr.Daymaker Clients!

BIOHM was created to support overall wellness by optimizing gut health BIOHM Health company launched after Dr. Ghannoum’s breakthrough discovery of the roles fungi and Digestive Plaque play in overall gut health. These findings propelled the creation of the BIOHM Probiotic.

Pur03 Products For All Dr.Daymaker Clients!

PurO3 is the undisputed leader in ozonated oils, yet we began with one simple and humble intention: To create organic skincare products that do what they claim to do, while keeping them simple, safe and pure. We produce all of our oils in small batches to ensure rigorous quality control.

Queen Of Thrones Castor Oil For All Dr.Daymaker Clients!

Queen of the Thrones™ is your resource to connect to your body, your source and your purpose through ancient health practices that have been innovated and modernized. We are a team of wonder women who’ve made it our mission to help others around the world!

Medical Grade Supplements You Can Trust 

In order for Dr. Daymaker to RECOMMEND a supplement company, they must meet the following five criteria:

1. Provide services and products only to licensed healthcare professionals and pharmacies, and their patients.

2. Provide product specifications and detail sheets, preferably by an independent laboratory, including purity, fillers, and additives on every product, upon request.

3. Provide professional technical consulting by a scientist or physician, not just customer service or sales representative, five days a week during regular business hours.

4. Provide accurate labeling of all active ingredients, including extract percentages and specific amounts.

5. Provide expiration dates either labeled on products or upon request.

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